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Customized consulting, expert advice and travel tools to help Americans get the most out of their stay on the island.

This is a truly historic time—both for the people of Cuba, who are in the midst of a new economic and cultural shift, and for Americans hoping to better understand the island’s unique and long-estranged society. Cuba’s historical, political and cultural bonds with the United States make visiting the island an unforgettable mix of the familiar and the foreign. At Bridges Cuba, we help U.S. groups navigate travel regulations and create completely tailor-made plans to fit their needs, whether it’s educational “people-to-people” trips, TV and film productions, or academic research. We connect travelers with the right people and the necessary tools to make their trip successful, informative, and enjoyable.


Our educational people-to-people trip planning helps visitors explore the island’s diverse traditions and eclectic contemporary landscape, while ensuring compliance with the U.S. government’s travel restrictions. We can plan a completely customized trip, or work with clients to modify a variety of sample itineraries.


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