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Customized itineraries for travelers looking to experience today's Cuba with all five senses. Our trips offer you the chance to explore, connect, and engage with all that the island has to offer.

Legal Cuba Travel Is Still Possible! Let Us Plan Your Itinerary for Winter or Spring 2018! + Check out the FAQ for more details…


Want to go to Cuba in February? Join us and Escape Brooklyn! We’ll be hosting two tours — Nature Lovers (Feb 3-9) and Art+Culture Lovers (Feb 24-Mar 2)

The recent opening between the U.S. and Cuba offers a unique opportunity for travelers to take part in a truly transformative moment in history. By connecting with the peoples of the island and sharing authentic experiences with them, U.S. visitors to Cuba play a small but important part in reconstructing and redefining the relationship between two nations that despite longstanding political estrangement have deep cultural and historical bonds.
At Bridges Cuba, we help U.S. citizens get beyond the tourist traps and clichés to experience this diverse, messy and beautiful place in a moment of rapid change. We offer engaging customized itineraries for groups of almost any size and trips of almost any length. Our team of coordinators work to arrange completely unique experiences for any and all interests — dance, food, history, health and medicine, art, architecture, sports, agriculture, nature, and more — and we can tailor itineraries to almost any budget. Check out our itineraries page to find out more about our trips!
Although individual travel to Cuba is no longer authorized for U.S. citizens under the most recent regulations, we continue to update our blog with travel tips and insider info on the most interesting places to see and things to do in Havana and across the island, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Have a specific question that needs answering? Check out our FAQ page or get in touch and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.
If you’ve already booked flights and you’re looking for assistance finding the right accommodations at the right price, we do that too! We’ve worked with many hotels and private rentals across the island, so we know where the best options are. We also offer bookings for a small network of private Cuban guest houses (casa particulares). If you’ve got flights and lodging but need help with a legal itinerary, we are happy to assist by connecting groups with one of our Cuban hosts who lead our trips and help create our unique, engaging itineraries.
As a member of RESPECT (Responsible Ethical Cuba Travel), we are dedicated to creating trips that are ethically and socially responsible. We work directly with Cubans in the private sector to promote a stable, mutually beneficial relationship between the U.S. and Cuba, and actively work to support the sustainable growth of these connections. Our team, a mix of Cubans and U.S. citizens, has over a decade of experience planning trips and exploring the island. To find out more about us, click here, or check out our FAQ page.