Legal, Customized Cuba Travel: Learn, Connect, Explore

Providing expert advice, P2P trips, and travel tools to help Americans explore Cuba's many unique facets.

At Bridges Cuba, we help U.S. citizens get the most out of their trip to Cuba. We help travelers with a variety of services so they can explore Cuba in the way that best suits them, whether it’s small group tours, customized trips or legal and logistical advising. We help clients navigate travel regulations and create completely tailor-made travel plans, providing valuable expertise for educational groups, TV and film productions, professional travel, academic research and more. We connect travelers with the right people and the necessary tools to make their trip successful, informative, and enjoyable.


Our educational people-to-people trip planning helps visitors explore the island’s diverse traditions and eclectic contemporary landscape, while ensuring compliance with the U.S. government’s travel restrictions. We also offer local cell phone rental services for those traveling independently and book reservations at a growing network of locally-operated casas particulares. Our team has lived and worked in Cuba for over a decade and continues to explore the rapid changes taking place across the island. Through our blog, we hope to provide travelers with the tools to connect to Cuba and create their own adventures across the island.

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