xESCAPEBKLYN: Cuba for Art Lovers

Six Nights, Seven Days

Saturday, February 24 – Friday, March 2

Creativity abounds in Cuba — it’s a fundamental part of life and an important aspect of national heritage and identity. Across the island, the arts thrive through education and vibrant artist communities, personal style is exploding, and design genius is visible everywhere — from building construction to modes of transportation to posters and shirts and other printed materials. On this trip we’ll do our best to give guests a broad scope of Cuba’s contemporary art landscape and rich creative history, from street art to museums and through live performances and studio visits. Check out the details below or feel free to get in touch via email or give us a call if you have questions or are ready to book your spot!


Itinerary: This trip is also split half Havana and half on the road. After three days in Havana taking in everything art/architecture/design, including the National Museum of Fine Arts, Old Havana’s Experimental Graphic Workshop, and Clandestina Design Shop, we’ll head west to Trinidad for two nights (via the historic city of Santa Clara) to experience life in a picturesque colonial town nestled at the foot of the Sierra Escambray mountains in what was once sugar cane country. We’ll have a hiking day (complete with a waterfall swim) and art studio visits (and an optional “Disco cave” visit) and then we move on to spend one night in Cienfuegos, a town on the southern coast that’s often held up as Cuba’s most beautiful city for it’s terrific architecture and French influences. For more info, check out this detailed day-by-day itinerary, or get in touch with us!


Lodging: For the Havana portion of the trip, we’ve rented a renovated 5-bedroom home in Vedado, a residential neighborhood of Havana that is getting known for it’s blossoming nightlife options. Each room has a private bathroom and there’s a great front sun room and back patio for hanging out. Check out some pictures here. Depending on how the room distribution works, we’ll be getting another house nearby as well.

Guides: The trip will be led by a bevy of travel pros! Erin, founder of Escape Brooklyn, will head up the picture taking (so you don’t have to if you don’t want) and all itinerary planning considerations to ensure that the trip is 10 out of 10 on the FUN scale. Brian of Bridges Cuba will be making sure all the logistics go smoothly and offering his two cents along the entire route, having traveled Cuba extensively for over 15 years. The main leader of the trip will be one of Brian’s brilliant Cuban guide friends (TBD) who will serve as resident expert in history, culture, art, nature, design, food, music, dance and all things Cuban, and fluent in English to boot.


Meals: Breakfasts are included in the trip so be prepared for a mouth watering spread of fruit, coffee, eggs, cheese, juice, and other treats every day when you wake up. Lunches and dinners will be a mix of group meals at the best restaurants on the island and some open mealtimes for couples to have some alone time or groups to split off with each guide to explore a different culinary scene. We’ll work beforehand with all of our guests to ensure that we make separate reservations for couples and smaller groups on the open nights, so everyone gets in where they want to go and no one goes hungry! To find out more about restaurant options on the trip, get in touch with us.


  • $2,500 per person for a shared room — this means couples and solo travelers who share a room with two beds (and another solo traveler of the same gender).
  • $2,800 per person for a single room — for those who prefer to have their own room all to themselves.
    To reserve a spot, guest are required to make an initial non-refundable payment of $500, with the final payment due at least 1 month prior to departure dates. The trip price will cover all lodging, guides, group transportation, breakfasts, guide and driver tips, the two group lunches and dinners, and all activity costs/entrance fees — essentially everything except for a few meals. We will be helping travelers budget appropriately for the minimal additional costs of a few meals, drinks out, and other purchases like art/rum/tobacco/souvenirs. For more info on pricing, payments, or refund policy, get in touch!

    Documentation/Legal: We at Bridges Cuba will be taking care of all of the documentation needed for legal people-to-people Cuba travel. Each traveler will fill out a travel affidavit declaring the category of travel and recieve a copy of this as well as an official itinerary certified by Bridges Cuba that shows a full time plan of educational an cultural activities intended to promote connections with the Cuban people. Bridges Cuba will maintain all of these documents as well on behalf of travelers. For more questions about legal travel, get in touch with us, or check out this blog post!