Playlist: Podcasts That Will Teach You Something About Cuba

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If you’re looking for Cuba podcasts, there are several that deal specifically with Cuba and then some single episodes of other podcasts that feature Cuba in some way or another. All these are worth a listen because they give some insight into life on the island. (Some are in Spanish)

Radio Ambulante (Spanish)

This NPR show features stories from across the Spanish speaking world, including interesting perspectives of U.S. citizens who immigrated to the U.S. from various Latin-American nations.

Cuando la Habana Era Friki This episode delves into countercultural history in Cuba, to a time when listening to U.S. rock music was considered antisocial and unpatriotic. Fascinating and well told.

The Survivors The true story of Cuba’s most extreme rockers and punk activists, this story deals with a group of CUbans who infected themselves with AIDS in order to live in state run sanitoriums, where they were allowed to listen to anything they wanted as they slowly died.

The End of the Journey This episode deals with the Cuban migration crisis that was precipitated by the change in the “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” policy put in place by the Obama Administration that ceased to recognize Cuban immigrants as automatically eligible for U.S. residency status as political asylum seekers. The story follows one Cuban who makes his way to Venezuela and works his way north toward the U.S.

The History Bomb

Radio Havana: The Bay of Pigs FiascoA crew of entertaining history buffs who have lots of military knowledge as well discuss the ins and outs of the 1961 invasion of Cuba by a U.S. backed and funded counter revolutionary group which ended in utter defeat at the hands of the Cuban military and was seen as a hugely important and symbolic event in the years immediately following the Revolution.

Cuba for Americans

This autobiographical podcast follows the life of an actual guy living in Havana right now who runs a cigar tourism business and podcasts about his experiences there as a foreigner learning about a new place. It’s a nice unvarnished take on real life for an ex-pat on the island, full of some insightful gems about Cuba and the experience of living in an unfamiliar place.

Infinite Gestation

“The Covert Episode: Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene” A literature podcast where the hosts discuss the Graham Greene novel Our Man In Havana, a screwball comedy in the guise of a spy caper. The book is great, the movie, featuring Alec Guinness, is also good, and the podcast is worth a listen.


Is the best Cuban food still in Cuba? Miami Herald food critic Carlos Frías discusses Cuban food in the context of the historical and cultural turmoil of the past 50 years, the differences that have emerged between Miami and Havana, and the ways they are still linked through the work of chefs and restauranteurs.

Boxeo Cubano Radio (Spanish)

A podcast featuring raucous discussions on the state of boxing in Latin America, including extended live call in sections. Unless you’re already into boxing, and fluent in Spanish, it’s probably not going to hit the mark.

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