We work with a small group of talented Cuban hosts, each of whom speaks fluent English and offers a unique and knowledgable perspective on contemporary Cuba. Our hosts are a cross between a local guide and a long lost Cuban cousin — they act as your logistical fixer, your interpreter of culture, and your personal recommender of where to go and what to do. They are there to help you get beyond generic experiences and tourist traps to explore the most authentic and living elements of today’s Cuba, helping you reach places you would never be able to get to on your own and understand Cuba through the eyes and experiences of a local.

Bridges Cuba Guides
Hosts are profoundly tapped into contemporary culture — they know when the most interesting art openings are and how to get to the best out of the way restaurants. They are students of their storied and complex homeland — eager to share their knowledge of history, politics, and culture with guests and to continue learning and experiencing more. Host are there to answer any and all questions and to help steer you toward aspects of Cuba that most interest you.
Along with a full time itinerary, hosts are necessary for compliance with U.S. travel regulations for Cuba. Our guides help make sure that your itinerary is planned out to fit your interests and make the most of your time on the island, allowing you to enjoy yourself as you connect with new people and take in the many idiosyncrasies of life in Cuba and the spectacular landscape of Havana and beyond.

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