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  • Havana’s Best Swimming Pool Options

    If you’re not one of the lucky travelers who booked a casa with a pool (look at rentals in Santos Suárez, Miramar and Nuevo Vedado), you might find that the midday heat of Havana has you searching for a convenient swimming option. There’s always the Malecón, where local kids show off their diving skills, but […]

  • 8 Ways to Save Money on Your Cuba Trip

    As has been discussed previously on the blog, money in Cuba is a complicated topic. It’s easy to spend a lot more money than you want, but it’s also possible to spend very little (ask any Cuban on a government salary). As a foreigner, how much money you spend has a lot to do with […]

  • Getting Around Cuba with Style and Efficiency

    There are lots of transportation options in Havana and throughout the island. Taxis will always be more efficient than buses and other transportation variations, but missing out on some of the more unusual and unique forms of travel would be missing out on an essential piece of Cuba. Plus, you can save lots of money […]

  • Legal Travel: Things To Know Before Going to Cuba

    Whether you’re on a solo trip or headed to Cuba with a group of friends, there are lots of extra details that you need to know about before you go. Here’s a breakdown of the rules, regulations, and special considerations that you should know about when planning a trip to the ol’ Pearl of the Antilles. Your […]

  • All Your Cuba Cell Phone Questions Answered

    One of the biggest differences between Cuba and the rest of the Americas and Europe is cell phone service. Cuba continues to be a society where people aren’t able to connect to the internet through their phones as easily, and so aren’t as tied to using them to check email, news and social media. That’s […]

  • How to Pack for a Trip to Cuba

    As with many aspects of Cuba travel, there is lots of contradictory information out there on the internet about what you should or shouldn’t bring with you on a trip to the island. What types of things will you need that won’t be available? What can you bring down to donate or give away? This […]

  • Booking the Best Casas in Cuba

    As many who have been to Cuba will tell you, life on the island is best experienced through the lens of a casa particular, where you get a taste of life in Cuba with BnB style hospitality. Cubans have been renting rooms for two decades, and there are thousands of casas across the island in […]

  • Money Questions: Carrying Cash on your Trip to Cuba

    For most foreigners, money in Cuba is a bit complicated, but the cash question is simple: as a U.S. citizen, or really any traveler who isn’t planning to stay within the confines of an all-inclusive resort, you should bring cash. There are very few ATMs in Cuba and they don’t take US bank cards. Even if […]