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  • A Ferry, A Train, a Town called Hershey

    About 50 miles outside of Havana is a town that was once entirely owned and run by the Hershey corporation under its founder and namesake, the legendary industrialist Milton S. Hershey. Built from scratch and completed in 1918, it functioned for decades as a privatized company town, and as one of the key elements in the Hershey’s chocolate production […]

  • Paladares of Havana: Our Favorites

    Havana, as the internet has noted, is exploding with food options. This wasn’t always the case — the Cuban government legalized privately owned paladares (restaurants in homes) in the mid 90s along with casas particulares (guest houses for foreigners) as it pivoted toward tourism to stave off economic disaster.  Today, with the a new tourist boom and the continued […]

  • The Best Places to See Havana from Above

    Havana is a city best explored on foot, but this means a lot of looking up at the cityscape — sometimes it’s nice to to get a bird’s eye view and look down over the most picturesque city in the Caribbean. Here are the places that offer the best views of the surrounding city: La […]

  • Solid Walks in Vedado

    Vedado is quite possibly the city’s most pleasant and walkable neighborhood. It’s a gridded system of streets lined with overgrown foliage, relatively intact sidewalks and a never ending array of eclectic residences—neoclassical mansions, art deco buildings, and Soviet construction—much of it renovated over the years in strange and interesting ways. It’s easy to just wander around […]

  • Neighborhoods of Havana, Briefly

    Present day Havana is a collection of neighborhoods that have grown out from the historic center over several centuries, each with distinct histories that have given way to distinct local flavors. Today, Havana is a city without a center, but rather a collection of loci, each with it’s own unique look, feel, and function. No matter where in the city […]