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  • The Best Places to See Havana from Above

    Havana is a city best explored on foot, but this means a lot of looking up at the cityscape — sometimes it’s nice to to get a bird’s eye view and look down over the most picturesque city in the Caribbean. Here are the places that offer the best views of the surrounding city: La […]

  • Solid Walks in Vedado

    Vedado is quite possibly the city’s most pleasant and walkable neighborhood. It’s a gridded system of streets lined with overgrown foliage, relatively intact sidewalks and a never ending array of eclectic residences—neoclassical mansions, art deco buildings, and Soviet construction—much of it renovated over the years in strange and interesting ways. It’s easy to just wander around […]

  • Neighborhoods of Havana, Briefly

    Present day Havana is a collection of neighborhoods that have grown out from the historic center over several centuries, each with distinct histories that have given way to distinct local flavors. Today, Havana is a city without a center, but rather a collection of loci, each with it’s own unique look, feel, and function. No matter where in the city […]