About Us

Bridges Cuba is a travel blog that aims to offer the best advice on the internet for U.S citizens looking to travel to Cuba. After 3 years as a full-fledged travel company offering customized tours to U.S. travelers, I (founder Brian Rogers) ceased planning trips under the Bridges Cuba moniker and joined ViaHero, a travel startup that connects travelers to local trip planners in Cuba and other destinations, in January 2018. When this happened, the site morphed from a business to a blog format, allowing me to highlight Cuba’s most fascinating corners and promote fledgling local businesses and the Cuban individuals running them who I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years. My hope is to help U.S. citizens better understand contemporary Cuba by sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the past two decades of visits to and from the island. Beyond this, my goal is to help make exploring Cuba easier, less confusing, and less costly for travelers, and to have the blog play a small part in re-connecting the US and Cuba after so many decades of estrangement.

If you like the look of the site, hit up my friend Paul Gernetzke at Loka.co who continues to offer his expert assistance in all matters of design and WordPress wizardry.

More about me: I had the good fortune of visiting Cuba in my late teens, with enough years of Spanish classes under my belt to be able to communicate just enough to pique my interest, and leave me wanting to return and learn more. I spent a subsequent year of my college studies living in Havana and soaking up as much as I could, and have been visiting as frequently as possible ever since. For almost a decade, this meant a trip every few years, until the recent developments in U.S.-Cuba relations changed everything. I currently live in just outside of NYC and travel to Cuba a few times a year to say hi to friends, plot ongoing projects with the guesthouse owners I work with, and take pictures for this blog.