About Us

Bridges Cuba is a U.S. based travel company that works to help U.S. citizens better understand contemporary Cuba and connect with ordinary Cubans by providing expert advice and exclusive travel services for individuals and groups visiting under any of the twelve OFAC-approved categories of travel. Our goal is to help make exploring Cuba easier, less confusing, and less costly, and to provide authentic experiences and connections to the specific aspects of Cuban culture that are of interest to our clients. Check out our FAQ page for answers to common questions.


We work to plug travelers into today’s Cuba landscape through a variety of services. We offer customized travel itineraries that include local Cuban hosts, transportation, and lodging, and we also provide booking services for our network of casas particulares. Through our partnerships with local entrepreneurs, artists, guides, and specialists, we help clients access contemporary Cuba in new and exciting ways. We also have a pretty great blog with tips and insider information on Cuba travel.

Our travel consulting and trip planning emphasizes experience, knowledge, and social responsibility while still ensuring a fun, safe visit and U.S. government compliance. It’s our belief that when peoples connect and learn from each other, societal bonds between them grow naturally, so our goal is to create strategies to do just that. While our team knows the importance of comfort and hospitality while traveling, our consulting is not for individuals seeking out a luxury experience, rather, we work to help people plan an experience that gives them a unique, close-up look at the many layers of contemporary Cuba. For those who are curious, open-minded, and up for adventure, we help to facilitate the best independent educational travel experiences possible. Check out our testimonials from past clients, peruse our FAQ page for answers to many other questions, or get in touch with us directly.


Our website was designed by the amazing Paul Gernetzke at Loka, a design company in southern California. Our photos are courtesy of the travel-blogging duo Escape Brooklyn, who do all sorts of interesting things, including take nice pictures. Many thanks to everyone who has helped make Bridges Cuba a reality and all of our partners in Cuba!

Founder Brian Rogers has over a decade of experience living in and traveling across Cuba. After a brief visit in 2001, he returned to study at the University of Havana for a year, living in Julita’s guesthouse in Havana. After completing a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Massachusetts, he returned to the island several times, and in 2015 he began working with Julita and Jesús and Gloria to manage bookings for their homes, and started providing consulting services to U.S. travel groups. As diplomatic relations improved, Bridges Cuba grew into a full-service travel company, focusing on creative ways to help improve the travel experience in Cuba to support meaningful connections between the peoples of both nations.